It's The Best Google android Wear Watch, But That Isn't Saying Much

This is the story of just a little smartphone series that grows up and, three years later, positions itself to take over the planet. The device in issue, the newest addition compared to that lineup, doesn't actually need a lot of an introduction thanks a lot to many of the most successful marketing strategies in the world. We'll be pleased to give it anyhow: pictured atop this very text sits the Samsung Galaxy S 4 , the latest and very best flagship out of Korea. This is the hero, these devices chosen to lead the cost for Samsung since it ventures deeper into 2013, and it's really fitted with cheap android phones the very best of everything: a 1080p Super AMOLED screen, 1.9GHz quad-core (or 1.6GHz Exynos 5 Octa 5410 , depending on market) chipset, Google android 4.2, 13MP camera and a broad range of brand-new firmware amenities, to name only a few.

I simply went in to the Sprint store last week to play with the existing options. The Shift 4G isn't a great kb because it is still too easy to hit more than one key at the same time, although I got better the longer I typed onto it. The Transform had an awesome kb, but it was on a slow phone with a cheap best android phone screen and terrible camera. I didn't even attempt the Epic because I currently knew that kb was irritating from prior experience. Ironically, the best kb in the shop has been on the HTC Arrive WP7 mobile phone... and WP7 doesn't even correctly support physical kbs.

Therefore, here I am back again at square one, debating whether it is more annoying to cope with constant typos on my nice big EVO screen, minimal typos on the Shift but with a smaller screen, or great typing on the Transform but with slow performance and an unusable 10 best android phones under 7000

There will be those of us who want physical keys, but, evidently, none of the producers are seeing enough product sales to convince them it really is worth their time and R&D dollars to accomplish a killer package. So, rather, they will maintain reserving their kbs for the lower-end phones, that they assume will undoubtedly be picked by teens who text all day long. Those of us who can justify the expense of real phones will be left to experience.

I suspect the Droid 3 will be properly up there. Keyboard vs no keyboard is just a matter of personal taste. Android is currently the only real platform with the hardware variety to offer it. WP7 are certain to get it eventually. Apple company eschews buttons as a rule, so you'll never view it there irrespective of benefit.

WP7 doesn't take advantage of the keyboard nicely at all though, search for the Pocketnow movie on YouTube comparing WP7 with the outdated Windows Mobile in this respect, the arrow keys are inactive most of the time, leaving you to constantly utilize the touch-screen to

Also one cause I favored QUERTY keyboards is that they were essential on first my Palm and then my Win6 phone. So I never even tried typing on glass once we call it. Right now that I am used to it, I'll never decide on a slider again. But like you all said, personal choice.

I believe smartphones had physical keyboards because people weren't used to the idea of typing on an impression screen. Now that the pure touch user interface top 10 best android phones has become out for at the very least 3 years people are getting more used to the touch typing.